Jonassis O'Hara

2007 -

Jonassis O'Hara is a one man project by Jonas Ottosson, member of Sanchez is driven by demons. after having played with the demons for some years Jonas decided it was time to record some of the ideas that couldn't be used in Sanchez' music making. Jonassis O'Hara started making music in early 2007, about twenty songs were recorded during spring and summer. Twelve of the songs ended up on the debut record A sailor's love which was released December 2007.

The idea of Jonassis O'Hara is making pop songs without thinking too much. The songs by Jonassis O'Hara are diverse, almost schizophrenic, and depend more on feeling than on skills. Elements from different kinds of music is mixed together and almost every song includes some theft from another song. There are people out there that think you shouldn't use other people’s ideas, but that is just stupid. Music is culture and you can't prohibit people from using cultural expressions and transform them in a new way. On the contrary, culture is using and making reference to cultural ideas and giving them a new meaning. So, what copyrighted material can you find in Jonassis O'Hara's music?