Sanchez is Driven by Demons

2002 -

Sanchez is driven by demons is the love child of Emil Johansson and Jonas Ottosson. The idea of a band had existed in their minds for a long time and in late 2001 they finally took the step by playing some songs together. They gathered some friends and a brother and a month later recorded their first red ep on a minidisc in one of the friend’s basement. They soon realized that if they wanted the record to reach out they had to release it themselves. So, they decided to release it on their own newly started record label redstarcommunity.

From there it has been a strange trip over different music styles, ranging from dark ambient to pop, with roots in a love for instrumental music with bands like Labradford, Slint and Mogwai as role models. influences don't stop there though, bands like Fugazi, Arab Strap and Les Savy Fav (the list just keeps on going and growing) and also local bands like Dialog Cet, Log Cabin and Seamonster1 have all been big parts in the Sanchez is driven by demons sound.

The sound is quite unique and diverse and has been described as everything between cold, dark and clinical to warm, sparkling and beautiful. The least common denominator, also according to the band themselves, might be recorded emotions. Because, even if it sounds pretentious, it captures something universal about us, a longing to feel. And even if some people see hope where some people see hopelessness a very few gets unaffected by it and a lot finds it immensely addictive.

Sanchez is driven by demons at the time being is Emil Johansson, Jonas Ottosson and a long list of regular guests (including Nina Andersson, Viktor Ottosson, Erik Larsson & Mattias Bärebring).