The Late Virginia Summers

2006 - 2015

While initially construed as nothing more than a side project ('frontman' Nathan McGlothlin also plays percussion for Richmond’s A New Dawn Fades), The Late Virginia Summers has come into their own with the release of the TLVS ep. Tracked, engineered & produced by the group themselves, the ep is a reflection of the new face of the group.

After the release of a split 7" with A New Dawn Fades (2004, Cherub), McGlothlin began to piece together a 'band' to flesh out the batch of ideas that would eventually become TLVS' set for the next 12 months. Regional dates, opening for the likes of Matt Pond PA, The Rosebuds, & The Mountain Goats, became the proving grounds for the 5 piece outfit. By spring 2005, the band began to grow apart, leaving McGlothlin with a body of work, but no musicians to perform it.

The second half of 2005 saw the reconstruction of The Late Virginia Summers. Several new demos began popping up on the band's Myspace site. This time around, the sounds were relied more on space & rhythm over the fluid midtempo arrangements of the past. McGlothlin began working with a new set of players, this time including his wife, Joanna. With the addition of electric guitar & less traditional percussion (courtesy of Joe Morgan & John Gauger, respectively).