Referee stops contest volume #1

Various artists


Referee stops contest volume #1 is the first sampler released by redstarcommunity. All songs produced solely for this album by Tyrone Miller making it an enjoyable, coherent but still diverse redstarcommunity experience.

The pleasant dub anthem Drr's theme, opening the sampler and introducing our new band Daughters of a Righteous Riot, and the Sanchez is Driven by Demons dance experiment Amazing grace, containing a sample of Aretha Franklin and rhythm (something we would love to hear more of), are two great reasons to give the album a listen. The two tracks by Tyrone Miller (True identity and Dance in solitude), reminding of Four Tet, and the Driven by Demons remix of Drr's theme are three more.

Referee stops contest volume #1 is a great example of an album where different artists with different sounds and direction actually can make a perfect whole.