Delusions and sounds

Karl Frank


With his 2011 instalment Delusions and sounds Karl Frank continues his quest for the fundamental nature of music. This time around he has been working with the principle of Occam's razor. The principle suggests we should tend towards simpler theories which converted through Karl Frank's mind means removing everything that feels excessive leaving only the core. The fallout of this theory is seven short, concentrated and minimalistic songs clocking in at only eleven minutes.

The songs are made sporadically between 2008 and 2010 and can be seen as an exploration of changes within the state of mind. Things have a tendency to change over time. Hopes and dreams, thoughts and feelings. Something you thought to be true yesterday is false today; true again tomorrow. Time is elusive and you always have to be receptive of what comes before you. Blink and the moment is gone. Karl Frank tries to capture this and states that his work within psychiatry has been a big inspiration.

Delusions and sounds is a small gem with enough intensity and depth to fill out a regular full length album.