Invitation to love

Frank Silver


Frank Silver is the musical brother of Karl Frank. He is a musical detective, searching for forgotten fragments of the music history. In the creative process these treasures are dressed up in a torn costume and turned into a collage of dirty dream pop. Beauty and ugliness meet, like Dorian Gray dancing with Quasimodo at a psychedelic discotheque.

The music may be described as dark, melodic and straight-forward, as well as possessing a semi-erotic potential. Invitation to love, the debut ep of Frank Silver, contains five tracks embedded in a decadent sound landscape. The main inspiration to this work comes from b-movies, video games and the card game Minnesota Whist.It was completed in winter 2012 and gives a glance of what to come from this artist in the future.

Due to the delay of the new homepage we haven’t released the album until now but the album have been available on other channels. We are very happy to present this new acquaintance.