Sanchez is Driven by Demons


Twenty is a compilation of two sisters, together exploring our inner and outer universe, our fear and at the same time fascination for the complete isolation of our existence.

The first track brings you along on a journey that explores our inner universe. Fragments of harmonies and subtle instrumental variations are allowed to slowly grow and intertwine, continuously expanding the musical image with new layers, creating a sense of physical depth.

The almost hypnotic power of the constant-changing melodies enforces the impression of a parallel universe, perfectly visualized in the stunning video. With its meditative, pulsating energy, the song patiently builds up a tension, an expectation of something to burst or reveal itself, and hopes of a new dawn.

If the two tracks are sisters, the second track is the darker sibling. Starting out in the vastness of space, this track explores the outer universe. The intro evokes a feeling of swimming through dark waters under a night sky, the notion of our own insignificance in the emptiness of space.

Even if darker than its sister, this track too has its pulse of energy. It is dim but still intense, like a signal of light travelling through the void of our universe, leaving a sense of complete isolation, impossible to escape from. Here, every man is an island, and only by accepting and embracing the darkness we will be blinded by lights.

Sanchez is driven by demons states:

"The concept of the album was to create a tribute to the track Twenty by Labradford. There is no secret that we adore Labradford and everything they've done and we also wanted to make our own attempt at the epic proportions of an over twenty minutes long track. We made one recording almost 3 years ago that never got finished but one and a half year later we took that unfinished track and created two separate tracks half a year apart. So these tracks has the same origin (key, some melodies and bpm) and they have been further cross-pollinated along the way. This has probably been our most ambitious work so far."