Perseus EP

The Late Virginia Summers


The Late Virginia Summers returns to us without actually having a track completely of their own on the remix album Perseus EP. The track Perseus Cluster first appeared on the album I Can Dream All Day and was released by Harding Street Assembly Lab in early 2015. In our opinion, the track is probably one of The Late Virginia Summers' most intriguing tracks so far. The mesmerizing build up performed by a psychotic drummer in front of a tapestry of ambient drones and guitar loops hits every note that we love.

The remixes are done with lots of personality by new acquaintances to us Boas, Chill Collins, Landing and White Laces. A familiar face Sanchez is Driven by Demons has also contributed with a darker grim sounding ambient mix focusing on the tapestry, removing the drums completely. White Laces and Chill Collins adds voices to the mix, both increasing intimacy. Boas adds electronics and a more IDM take on the piece. Landing is the one sticking closest to the original still adding a fuller sound to the plate - more is more. None of the remixes stray too far from the original still adding just the right amount of personality to keep each track interesting, avoiding the repetitiveness usually found in single track remix albums.