Fragments of decay

Karl Frank


Karl Frank is back with his shortest per track album so far. 9 tracks ticking in at 13 minutes and 46 seconds only makes it around one and a half minutes per track. It is just enough to lure you in and want more. This has always been what Karl Frank does, picking a passage or even just a phrase from a book and give it its own life, hinting of the larger world it once inhabited.

All tracks feels like a fleeing memory or nostalgic thought. Something you hardly can remember any more however desperately you cling on to it. Maybe it is just time to let it go and look forward. They present the same mood and themes as Karl Frank's earlier work but the sound is clearer, the singing more articulate and the tracks more diverse (special mentioning goes to the saxophone in Red Eyes).

This is the last chapter of a trilogy, the last diffuse fragments of a life story and the last stop of Karl Frank's musical journey, 10 years in the making. Let's hope Karl Frank promise that this is the last album will not last and that Karl Frank is revived further down the line with more enticing glimpses of the bigger picture. We are happy and also very sad to present the end of the line, Fragments of decay.