Breaking my heart time and time again

Daughters of a Righteous Riot


Like all good stories the story of Breaking my heart time and time again started in a place distant from the here and now. To be more specific it started in the Stockholm district of Gärdet, the then location of Low Voltage Studio, back in 2003. Because it was there that dxtr used to do the cleaning and having access to the reservations he knew when the studio would be in use and not and, let's face it, that wasn't the busiest time in the lives of either Tyrone Miller or those Sanchez guys, so mostly the studio stood all empty. Whenever he'd find himself alone in the studio dxtr used to fidget around with the equipment, trying to understand what this button did, or the purpose of that slider. After a while, half a year or so, he thought he'd gotten the hang of it and decided to invite his band member dlkk to the studio. The band existed, in theory at least, since a couple of months although they hadn't really gotten round to actually writing, or even playing, any music at all.

The band used to meet quite frequently in the studio plotting to flood the world with gothic reggae and funeral house. Neither of them being particularly productive not that much came out of it, apart from a bunch of films being watched and the beginnings of a few songs being put on tape. After a year or so the guys grew tired of each other and since they didn't meet the reels with the songs gathered dust at a shelf in the back of the studio. Another year or so later dlkk decided to go into exile and search for his soul in a wet and cold terraced house on the British Isles. After having spent a bit too much time fully clothed under a duvet dlkk decided to go back to Sweden to finish what he had started (that it took them another year and a half to do so shows how much his determination counts for). And now here it is -four years in the making- the first ep of the Daughters of a Righteous Riot is finally available not only in the world of ideas but in the material world as well.