A sailor's love

Jonassis O'Hara


A sailor's love is the debut album of Jonassis O'Hara and one of the most intriguing releases of redstarcommunity so far. The twelve songs were mainly recorded from February to June 2007 and finalized in August and September the same year. Jonassis O'Hara was assisted by Emil Johansson, Viktor Ottosson and Karin Hedblad in the recording process and Tyrone Miller with the mastering of the record.

The instruments heard on the recordings stretch from acoustic guitars to 80's keyboards, beer cans and even pencils following the saying that 'everything goes'. all songs were recorded as they came by without thinking too much about what fitted together and they range from the quieter Grammar and Wardrobe to the louder Ghosts and Blues with songs like Youth and Löv in between. Influences and references can be found all over the genre spectrum with extremes like country and d'n'b (yes, the amen break is present).

Jonassis O'Hara has created a varied album where nothing can be expected, except an alternate take on the pop way of making music. Because A sailor's love is what every pop album should be, an album filled with the joy and love of music making.