River Carnival


River Carnival is the music project of Henric Bynkenheim and Pia Nyman. They started making music together in early 2012. Initially there was no intention of forming a band, but rather playing for fun. However the inspiration was running high and after the first session they had finished the song Streets of gold. The flow of creativity did not stop and a couple of months later they had recorded this six track ep.

The album takes us back in time and presents snapshots of moments past. The images presented all comes with a nostalgic shimmer. Like turning the pages in a teenage diary, remembering the anticipation and endless waiting for real life to take its start. Maybe when things where easier. Times when all you had to do in summer where to take your bike to the beach, deciding which boy or girl you had a crush on. Hidden and forbidden love stories that made your teenage heart beat so hard you were afraid the sound of it would reveal your yearning thoughts. However, with that rather dark suggestive twist reminiscence of old times comes with. Thoughts about getting older. That your memories fade. Maybe you missed out on something. Maybe you grew up too fast. The album captures a sense of patient acceptance though, like watching autumn rolling in over windblown cliffs leaving summer behind.

The music has some similarities with Henric Bynkenheim's solo project Karl Frank. Short, simple and effective pop songs. lo-fi, DIY, unpolished, rough but yet highly melodic. Pia Nyman adds depth to the mix with more diversity in instrumentation, darker arrangements and a voice that echoes of that of Stina Nordenstam, especially on the track Dark horse. According to the band themselves, inspiration is taken from western movies, old variety shows and Roky Erickson.